Dress shoes can make or break a men’s business suit. The wrong dress shoes can just as easily break someone. The wrong shoes are the only thing that can ruin a perfectly tailored men’s business suit and a well-chosen dress shirt and tie. Imagine buying a new Ferrari and putting the same tires on it that you just put on your Honda Civic. That's how it feels to wear the wrong shoes with a men’s business suit. People say buying shoes with a men’s business suit will break your bank account, but don’t worry, use the Totes Promotional Code and get some bucks saved!

Don't worry, though. This article tells you about the different colors of shoes you can keep in your closet that go best with suits. Keep in mind that all menswear rules are made to be broken, so you may see other men not following what we say here. This is pretty obvious. Once you're used to it, you can and should push the limits and have fun.


Here is a quick list of the best shoes for suits that every man should own.


When you think of a classic dress shoe, Oxford is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Oxfords are usually made of polished or matte leather, and you can tell them apart by their unique lacing system, low back, and small heel. They are the best choice for a polished look with a suit, more formal events, and for the office. You can use the Rothys Promo Code for saving during shoe shopping for men’s business suits. 


If you want to wear a suit without laces, loafers are a great choice. Slip-on loafers come in many different colors and materials, such as leather, suede, and even velvet. Depending on the style you choose, loafers can dress up or down a suit. For example, penny loafers are a popular choice, while dapper men might buy a pair of leather loafers with tassels.


Monk straps should be in the closet of every man who is brave and stylish. This unique shoe style has a strap over the top of the shoe instead of laces. The strap can be held in place by a single buckle. The monk strap looks great with suits because it is a unique take on classic shoes. It is the cherry on top of a sharp outfit.


Derby dress shoes are related to Oxfords, but they are more casual because they have an open lacing system and a simpler design. Derbies are good shoes to wear with a men’s business suit for many different occasions, and you can change the material and color to suit your tastes. Leather that has been polished is a great choice for everyday wear plus best to pair with men’s business suits, while suede is a great way to stand out on special occasions.


Brogues refer to the process of adding patterns or designs to a shoe, but it has become a general term for men's dress shoes with designs. Technically, brogues are any type of dress shoe with decorations, like Oxfords or Derbies. Yes, you should wear brogues with a men’s business suit if you want to draw attention to your shoes or add some personality to an otherwise boring outfit.


As it gets colder, it's not only uncomfortable for men to walk through snow in dress shoes, but it also looks bad. You don't want to go to work with wet shoes because it will take away from the rest of your outfit. For times like these, you should have a pair of Chelsea boots that you can slip on to protect your feet and look good at the same time. You might be scratching your head and wondering if boots and suits go together, but we're here to tell you that these sleek, rounded ankle boots are a great way to finish off any man's winter suit.